TrueFeast 2015

TrueFeastFrom 2012-2014, Nightlifers have participated together in a Daniel Fast to begin each new year. As part of that fast, we wanted to put the words of Luke 14:12-14 and Isaiah 58:6-12 into action. We have done this through an outreach we call “TrueFeast”at which we have invited individuals from various local shelters to the church for an elegant meal, entertainment, encouragement in Christ, and more.

This year, we did not do the Daniel Fast, choosing instead to fast various forms of media in order to cut out distractions and fix our eyes on Jesus. We are still going to do TrueFeast, though it will be a bit different as well.

On January 31, volunteers from NL will head over to the Friends of the Homeless Shelter in downtown Springfield to host a prayer and encouragement service, prepare and serve a meal, and more. This year, we wanted to get out of our world and see what it is like to enter the world of those we serve.

We will begin at around 3:15pm and conclude at about 6:15pm. If you are interested in helping, please call or e-mail Linda at the church office and give her your name, e-mail address and phone number, or sign-up at the hospitality counter at church.